Who We Are

Marley New Zealand is part of the Aliaxis group, a privately owned business based in Belgium and active around the world. Aliaxis group employs 15,700 people across 40 countries and is made up of more than 100 companies worldwide. Each of these companies manufactures and/or markets plastic products for construction, industrial and public utilities. Marley NZ is the largest manufacturer of uPVC pipes and fittings in New Zealand.

Today, Marley has grown to become one of New Zealand’s largest manufacturers in the plastics industry. Involved with extruded and injection moulded products, Marley manufactures using PVC, Polyethylene and Polybutylene. Belonging to the Aliaxis group has also provided Marley with access to thousands of new products around the world.

Health & Safety

As a part of the Aliaxis Group, Marley New Zealand’s goal is to provide a Health & Safety incident-free workplace, enabling all our people, including contractors, visitors and those who share public roads with our vehicles, to return safely home to their families.

UnknownNothing is more important than people’s Health & Safety and we consider this to be a pre-requisite for doing business in each of our operations. Health & Safety is a way of life, not just another procedure. We strive to prevent all accidents and incidents. Zero work-related injuries and illnesses for our colleagues, our partners and our visitors are the only acceptable goals.

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Marley Moments

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  • Trading Begins
    In 1957 Marley New Zealand began trading as a vinyl flooring contractor and retailer, sourcing product from the International group, Marley PLC.
    1957Trading Begins
  • Manufacturing in Manurewa
    In 1959 Marley began manufacturing vinyl flooring in Manurewa, Auckland. The company still operates from the same site today.
    1959Manufacturing in Manurewa
  • A Change In Direction
    Early in the 1970’s the New Zealand Government removed import licensing and tariffs on flooring and this exposed Marley to international competition on a scale it could not compete with. A strategic decision was made to exit flooring and take the business into PVC pipe and fittings.
    1970sA Change In Direction
  • The Marley Duck-
    Jacks initial rise to fame was in the late 80’s-early 90’s when he became the major animated character for the Marley TV commercial as the singing and dancing version to the soundtrack "Singing in the rain" by Gene Kelly. The song and Duck sliding down the drainpipe and dancing in puddles became an icon and over the ensuing years became the ‘unofficial face of Marley’.
    1980sThe Marley Duck-"Jack"
  • Growth and Acquisiton
    During the 1970’s and 1980’s Marley grew from a small player in a crowded market to the market leader. This was achieved through growing the product range organically and through the acquisition of other market players, most notably CHH Plastics in 1989.
    1989Growth and Acquisiton
  • Achieved  ISO9001 Quality Management accreditation1994Achieved ISO9001 Quality Management accreditation
  • Jack Returns
    Jack the Duck makes a brief return to the small screen with a cameo appearance on Marley’s latest TVC, featured riding a Jetski through Marley spouting and downpipes.
    1998Jack Returns
  • Acquired by Etex( Now known as Aliaxis)
    The world’s leading supplier of plastic products for the wider building market.
    1999Acquired by Etex( Now known as Aliaxis)
  • Achieved  ISO14001 Environment  Management accreditation
    Marley became the first plastics manufacturer in New Zealand to achieve this accreditation.
    2004Achieved ISO14001 Environment Management accreditation
  • Stratus Design Series Launched
    In September of 2011 Marley launched the Marley Stratus Design Series in Marley’s Typhoon spouting and 80mm round downpipe available in titanium and copper hybrid-metallic finishes. Inspired by nature the Marley Stratus Design Series is created with style and durability in mind.
    2011Stratus Design Series Launched
  • BEP Certification April 2013
    Marley New Zealand's PVC products are made using Best Environmental Practice (BEP) and as such attract credits under the NZ Green Building Council's Green Star rating system for commercial buildings.
    2013BEP Certification April 2013