Access Pits

The Marley electrical access pit is designed to provide quick easy access to your cable jointing. There are various sized knock-outs available, as well as an anti-slip trafficable lid and electrical identification to signify that live cables are enclosed.

The 250×250 access pit is non-conductive, resistant to impact and chemicals, with a watertight hermetic screwing/lid system that can be made inaccessible to unauthorised persons.

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img-e1img-e21. Anti-slip trafficable lid
(1.5T rated)

With watertight rubber gasket.


img-e32. Electrical identification

Signifies that live cables are enclosed


img-e43. Watertight hermetic screwing system

For water and dust protection (IP67)


img-e54. Various sized knock-out outlets

(side and below)


img-e65. Outlet

For condensation gathering and discharge


img-e76. Pits have pre-cut bases and can be stacked as risers

(hermetic screwing system applies to pit connection)

Access Pit